Situated a few meters away from Diani Beach in the southern Coast of Mombasa, Kenya, you'll find that well deserved ambience to unwind at Southern Cottages. A truly comfortable and secret place near the beach that would be enjoyed by Discerning individuals, families and small groups.

JIJI:Single Unit

Whether You are on holiday enjoying the coast or on a Romantic Honeymoon, Southern Cottages is the ideal place for you at any occasion. The Single Cottages are the ideal accommodation for these special moments. Furnished with a Queen sized Coastal style bed, Fully equipped kitchen, Bathroom, Television set and storage area you will not lack for anything during your stay. Enjoy your stay in one of our Single Cottages and make the most out of your Honeymoon, Romantic get away or even your solo holiday get away.

What to expect in the Single Cottages

Cable Television and DSTV

Internet Connections and Wi-Fi

Extra Room service (Cleaning and Fresh Linen)

Fully Furnished Unit

PEPONI: Double Units

If You're the kind that likes going on holidays with your children, Friends or collegues then the double unit is for you. A fully furnished unit complete with two bedrooms each with its own bathroom, fully furnished kitchen, living room and a Balcony on one of the units. These unit is the ideal unit for families or friends travelling together.

What to expect in the Double Unit

Cable Television and DSTV

Internet Connections and Wi-Fi

Extra Room service (Cleaning and Fresh Linen)

Fully Furnished Unit

Southern Cottages Facilities

Southern Cottages offers a getaway from an otherwise busy and stress filled daily life. Come and enjoy the quiet and tranquility that the South Coast has to offer. Take a dip in the Swimming Pool at the compound, or take a leisurley walk to the beach which is only 10 minutes away, or just stay in your room and either watch television or take a well deserved nap in the cool of your room.

Some of the facilities that are on offer at Southern Cottages include the Swimming Pool that is accessible to you at any time and DSTV connections in each room. If you're a Gym fanatic, then enjoy a work out at a nearby Gym followed by a treat at the spa on location. You could also enjoy a round of Golf at the Local Golf Club.

After all these activities, take a walk to the nearby shopping center that has various supermarkets and restaurants that you could have lunch at and even do your shopping.

If that is not exciting enough, book a tour to the local Game reserve, The Shimba Hills Park and get a view of wildlife. There are more attractions that could be worth the enjoyment and time like;

A visit to the Wasini Marine Park

A walk to the historical Congoni Mosque and River

Visiting with the Giriama community and Swahili dancers

A visit to the Shimoni Caves

Make the most out of your visits at Southern Cottages. At your request, tours and travels can be arranged with the local travel agents.


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